Sunday, December 21, 2014 Featured Artist Sneak Peek - Luke Dorsett

Photographer Luke Dorsett
By Matt Marn

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Luke Dorsett has lived and traveled the world over, from here in Phoenix to Japan, Brazil, Australia, and beyond. His camera lens and eye for storytelling have followed him on his countless adventures, and his work continues to draw attention wherever he goes.

As we sit, reviewing picture after vibrant picture he has captured along the way, they display more than a great eye for beauty and detail; the stories told by the images point to a fearlessness - an adventurous spirit, ready to follow wherever the road turns next.

Ever since he was very young, Dorsett knew tomorrow is never a given. When he was 4, his appendix ruptured, but the doctors didn't believe him, since they had never seen a case that young. He was misdiagnosed at first, and it almost cost him his life.

"I realized, life is short - your days aren't promised to you," Dorsett said. You've got to live each day for what it's worth. I think that realization has made me fearless, in a way, to go after what I want."

Ever since, he has applied his tenacity to everything in life, including what he does and where he calls home.

A camera has been in Dorsett's hands from a very early age, when he grew mesmerized by View Masters and kaleidoscopes, and the vivid colors and images behind the lens. By the time his parents gave him a starter Kodak, he was more than ready for the world of photography.

Dorsett also has experience in music, as an electronic DJ, and his music was featured in Australia, Mexico, Japan, and Brazil. But eventually, he found his way back to his first passion, telling stories a thousand words at a time.

"I really dug the visual stuff since I was a kid," he said. "I got sick of the music I was mixing and producing... headphones and speakers forever. Photography is quiet. It gave me the Zen feeling of being at peace. It's almost like a form of meditation: looking back on my work later, going back to revisit those captured moments. Those moments I capture, they are components of my life... things I live and experience, in and out of this country."

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Rockabilly group Whiskey Kiss set to release debut album - and more than a few surprises ...YabYum Sneak Peek

By Matt Marn
Published by YabYum Music and Arts

It starts with a slow, sultry tempo, with a woman's voice singing, "I gotta stay low, ain't nowhere to run... If he looks at me, I'm already done... I gotta stay low... he's a dangerous one."

And with that, the tempo picks up, and never seems to let go. But then, Whiskey Kiss is like that.

With a taste for classic rockabilly but with a new twist, Phoenix rockabilly group Whiskey Kiss is set to release their long-awaited dabut album, Dangerous One. And for their release party - November 29 at the Blooze Bar in Phoenix - they have more than a few surprises in store.
whiskey 02
Nick and Niki White of Whiskey Kiss

While it began as a few music lovers getting together to follow their passion, Whiskey Kiss has grown into something else entirely, thanks in large part to phenomenal support from their fans.

Led by husband and wife duo Niki and Nick White, Whiskey Kiss is gaining major attention, and with good reason. Niki's powerful voice and stage presence, paired with Nick's musical skill, gets the crowd cheering right away. And alongside the duo, the recently announced official updates to the Whiskey Kiss roster: Bruce Legge on trumpet, Wesley Hinshaw (of the Quakes) on drums, and new addition Tommy Collins - known for many top rockabilly bands on the upright bass - not to mention perhaps the biggest surprise: Nick moving from upright bass to lead guitarist. All this onstage together, and you have a mix that will keep the crowd cheering all night.

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