Friday, December 25, 2015

Local group The Upper Strata releases new album, new sound for their new chapter - YabYum Music and Arts Sneak Peek

By Matt Marn

Published by YabYum Music and Arts

For years, Jonathan Sanchez and Regula Sanchez-Schmid of The Upper Strata have been devoted to not only the music they play, but the stories the music tells. And their newest release, Cabaret Wartaire, is still another prime example of an album devoted to the message behind the music. In recording the album, the group has created something all their own - purely for love of creating art for art's sake.

Jonathan Sanchez, guitarist and lead vocalist for The Upper Strata, called Cabaret Wartaire a genre-smashing journey: "accordion meets hip-hop, blues meets crunk, electronica and alternative sounds blended with old-world Kurt Weill theatrics." And while those mixtures may sound in conflict with each other, they blend well, in altogether new ways.

And that was kind of the idea to the message, too.

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