Sunday, July 12, 2015

YabYum Music & Arts Sneak Peek: A Claire Slattery's Mix Tape Project

By Matt Marn

Published by YabYum Music and Arts

A Claire Slattery knows very well that everyone has their own unique taste in music, and most everyone likes to make mixes of that music to share. In fact, everyone knows that. But Slattery set herself apart by taking it one step further by orchestrating a massive mix-sharing event for her community, and beyond.

"The first time I did this project, I was kind of unsure why I was doing it," Slattery said. "But it seemed like a good idea. It caught on a lot faster than I thought it would. I thought that if 40 people participated, it would be a good turnout. But the day I got it up, I got 35 emails in the first 24 hours. I knew I had created a monster."

The first time she organized the event back in 2011, she called it "Make a Mix For Someone You Probably Don't Know." Over 400 people from all over the United States joined the project, as well as international participants from as far out as Germany and the Netherlands. This summer, she is hosting the project again, and according to the event's Facebook page, Slattery is on track to having just as many people join in on the fun this time around.

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Photo credit: Mark Spoerner
By Matt Marn

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Bob Schneider is a fantastic entertainer and songwriter, to say the least. Not only does he have an impressive album catalogue - and continues to release new work - but he leaves crowds cheering, from his home in Austin all the way to New York City. And when he visited the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, he certainly did not disappoint.

The crowd at the MIM began piling in early, excited for the show, A couple in the front row takes a picture in front of the stage, empty save for a keyboard, piano, acoustic guitar, and a few pedals crowded around a lone microphone. Fans outside already crowded around the merch table, grabbing up CDs and T-shirts before he even took the stage. Clearly, Schneider's music and reputation precede him.

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