Saturday, August 30, 2014

YabYum Sneak Peek - New Dawns Await Tucson's Sun Bones

By Matt Marn
Published by YabYum Music and Arts

Every song is different. Ask Tucson group Sun Bones, and they will tell you all four members had a big role in writing different parts of the songs on their debut album, Sentinel Peak.

"It's really different from song to song, from person to person," said Sam Golden, vocalist and lead guitarist for Sun Bones. "It feels very comfortable writing for our group. We've been together for so long, we can play to our strengths and vocal harmonies. We can read each other's body language, and even just listening to each other. We know each other and the songs so well, it's easy to go off the beaten path of how we do our songs... It keeps us on our toes."

Golden said once the group writes a new song, it is only the beginning - they also continually change older songs to play them in new ways.

"I would not want to be in a band that plays the same songs gig after gig," he said. "It's constantly evolving... I hope to give the fans a fun new experience every time they see us."

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Friday, August 22, 2014

YabYum Music and Arts Sneak Peek - Banana Gun

Photo by Trystan Trenberth
Banana Gun channels live energy onstage, in album

By Matt Marn
Published by YabYum Music and Arts

Kevin Loyd - vocalist, guitarist and banjo extraordinaire for Phoenix rock group Banana Gun, firmly believes songwriting can happen in a variety of different ways. But if you ask Loyd and the rest of the Banana Gun crew, there is only one way for them to record a truly great album... live.

"We are still perfecting our studio recordings," Loyd said. "But playing live, that's easy for me. There's no wrong way or right way to record an album, we just did what worked for us. I love the experience of this last record."

Banana Gun's bassist, Ross Troost, said the group had talked about doing things a little differently when they went into the studio to record their latest album, Love.Instinct.

"We wanted to bring more of the live element, do as much of the songs as possible live," Troost said. "We are a high-energy, grind-it-out band. I'd love to say we stepped up our game with this record, but we really just played to our strengths - playing live. We talked to the record label about doing this record live, and they told us, 'if there's a band out there that can do this, it's you.'"

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Monday, August 18, 2014

YabYum Artist Spotlight Sneak Peek: Ryne Norman - This Tempered Tongue

By Matt Marn
For Phoenix guitarist and songwriter Ryne Norman, every new opportunity is a chance for something great. Every new fan, each potential collaboration with another local artist means so much to him, he gives everything he has to each new adventure – and to every word he writes.

“Internally, I am really challenged,” Norman said. “I am challenged to make sure the crowd is engaged, following me… Challenged to make sure I’m more than just another songwriter up there. There’s something about when people come to hear what you have to say, when people want to hear your music. It’s about the experience. I want this to be an experience.”

For Norman, the biggest part of that experience is the lyrics he works on so hard to make sure each word is perfect. Norman said he spends so much time on each line of every song, it can take weeks to write a second verse. But while finishing the piles of half-done songs can be a challenge, it is that much more worthwhile when he does.

“Knowing I have slaved so hard over every word to know it is truly finished is something to be proud of,” he said. “To me, lyrics are the most important part, what I take the most pride in; I want people to be able to connect with me.”

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gus Campbell, local rocker, earns fans at 15 - YabYum Sneak Peek

Photos by Trystan Trenberth
Young guitarist Gus Campbell rocks crowds across Phoenix, shoots live music video

By Matt Marn - Published by YabYum Music and Arts

The crowd is packed into Last Exit Live - more so than it has probably been in a long time. Phones and cameras are out - no one wants to forget what is about to happen.

Gus Campbell is about to take the stage, and shoot his first live music video.

From original tunes and instrumentals to blues and rock favorites, Campbell takes command of the stage with great presence and expertise. The crowd is cheering for him through the entire set.

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