Sunday, June 4, 2017

Local Spins Event Preview Excerpt: "WO-Stock 2017 offers 'super-rewarding' experience for West Michigan bands and fans"

With 32 bands on two stages over two nights, this weekend's festival at West Ottawa High School meshes experienced groups with up-and-coming high school acts.

By Matt Marn

Published by Local Spins March 22, 2017

When lo-fi indie rock band Lipstick Jodi of Grand Rapids played the Holland-area WO-Stock Festival for the first time last year, the group found a new, teenage audience for its music, and much more.

"It was a super rewarding experience. Not only was the sound great, but we gained a great younger fan base that night," lead singer and guitarist Karli Morehouse said of the student-run event held each year at West Ottawa High School.

"All the kids are so excited and want to be involved in the bands that they're seeing, regardless of knowing any of the music personally or not. It really warmed my heart to give them something to relate to."

So, not surprisingly, Lipstick Jodi is eager to head back to WO-Stock this weekend, joining dozens of other in-demand West Michigan bands on stage such as Red Legs, The Smokin' Dobroleles, All is Well, Midwest Skies, Fried Egg Nebula, Vinylicious, I Believe in Julio, Mavericks and Monarchs, and Likemelikeyou, along with many emerging young, high school-age bands.

The wildly popular annual event takes place Friday and Saturday nights, with 32 bands playing two stages. And if that doesn't quite seal the deal, the entire event is a fundraiser for a charitable cause.

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