Thursday, May 14, 2015

Joe Bonamassa brings his unique Blues twist to Phoenix - sneak peek

By Matt Marn

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With his unique flair and creativity for the blues music he loves, it is always a pleasure when blues/rock icon Joe Bonamassa stops into Phoenix. And this time, he had a few extra surprises in store.

The evening before his April 30 concert, Bonamassa was the guest of honor at the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game. Wearing a custom "Bonamassa" Diamondbacks jersey bearing the number 59, he stood near home plate; with his trademark gold-top Gibson Les Paul at the ready. After he was announced, he began a stirring, bluesy rendition of our National Anthem, moving expertly up and down the neck with a blues slide. Everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy the music - a new, unique way to pay tribute to our nation.

That new, unique spin on the traditional way of things is exactly what Bonamassa does best. The night of the concert, crowds began to flow into Comerica Theatre, many wearing T-shirts of past concerts and music adventures. It was clear everyone present was excited, ready for something big. And with Bonamassa, fans are always in for a unique treat.

As the blues fans headed into the venue, they were met with lights beamed toward the bandstands, and a mist covering the stage. As the concert began, Bonamassa moved out onstage, green spotlight on the blues master, and blue lights on the rest of his band. He started right in with lightning-fast work on the strings, to the great thrill of the crowd.

"Oh, beautiful, if you were mine, I would write you letters, and pour you sweet wine..."

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