Thursday, April 30, 2015

Songwriters Sarah Lewis and Gina Loes finish tour in the Valley, meet new friends and fans along the way - Sneak Peek

By Matt Marn

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One is a newer singer/songwriter - setting up a tour to promote her newest EP. The other is a member of a full band, with a number of group albums in the books - but remains nervous to get back to her bare-bones, acoustic roots. For both performers, this trip from Canada through the West Coast was exactly what they needed.

The duo, Sarah Lewis and Gina Loes, respectively, began their tour by traveling from their homes in Vancouver, and making their way through Oregon, California, and finally Arizona - meeting new people and new inspirations along the way.

"I love performing," said Loes. "I love being on the road - making new friends and seeing new places. Everything else in my life seems to disappear for that moment. All I have to think about is where we're playing next, and what part of town to explore. You get the unique chance to see tiny, snapshot examples of people and communities along the way."

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Taylor Jayne remains true to herself in new album, "Fold" - Sneak Peek

By Matt Marn
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Local singer/songwriter Taylor Jayne has spent most of her life listening to great music. Ever since her father introduced her to legends like Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and the Beatles, she has held a deep respect for not only music that evokes strong emotions, but also the powerful words behind each song.

But once she discovered her love for writing her own songs, everything changed.

"That's when it clicked," Jayne said. "I can write my own music; I can make people feel the same way, get the same feelings I get when I hear great music."

Jayne has since gone her own direction, performing her own style of music - and every time she does, it has become a very positive experience. Jayne said it is wonderful to watch her music reach people in that way - it is a nice reassurance of the work and thought she has put into everything.

"I don't know where I would be if I hadn't gotten that kind of support," she said. "Creativity, originality... these are things that should be respected, in a welcome environment."

Jayne's newest project is "Fold," a new album of her original songs, full of her own creative twist.

Jayne said that at one point in high school, she recorded an EP, but she was never satisfied with the result. This new album, however, is a very personal look at the struggles she faced with her own demons - and the journey she had to go through to remain true to herself.

"One day, I said to myself that it was time," she said. "It was time to record something I was truly proud of, something that was me... uncompromisingly me. The writing is from a good place; a good representation of me. I wanted to put good, quality art out there that showed who I was."

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