Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Phoenician Four Jazztet brings a new twist to classic jazz - YabYum Music and Arts Sneak Peek

By Matt Marn

Published by YabYum Music and Arts

The Phoenician Four Jazztet can trace its origins to a different creature than the stylings you can see them showing off around the city today. But then again, adaptation and improvisation was how jazz itself was born - so they're off to a great start.

The players first met while attending an open-door jam band in Tempe, known as Unified Fusion. This large group included singers, drummers, guitarists and bassists, as well as saxophone players. Then the day came when Unified Fusion drummer Joshua got a gig through connections at a local venue, but the jam session group was too large for that set - so Enns chose a few players from the group to join him at the smaller gig. The smaller group included saxophonist Tony Salce and bass player Scott Harris.

For the music they played at the set, the trio revisited their classic jazz roots.

"We had this huge, awesome response," Enns said. "One random passerby tipped us like $80, and went on about how much he loved young artists playing older stuff. We had a great thing, so we just kept it going."

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