Wednesday, March 11, 2015 sneak peek: Phoenix Fashion Week provides springboard into style for emerging designers

By Matt Marn

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While fashion is a difficult industry to break into, Phoenix Fashion Week serves as a great opportunity for emerging designers and models to showcase their talents. Phoenix Fashion Week executive director Brian Hill is putting Phoenix on the map in the fashion scene, and helping talent from across the country use the event as a launch pad to begin their journeys down the runway.

"It started out of need for something to call our own - for our fashion industry," Hill said. "In the past, I was a fashion designer myself - sewing, sales, shipping... everything. I was interested in furthering my own clothing line. That's why I can help emerging designers, because I've been there. We aren't afraid to try, even to make mistakes. But we learn from our mistakes, and improve upon them."

Hill and his team were approached by TIME Magazine, asking to write a story on Phoenix Fashion Week. The article ran in October 2012.

"We were blessed by that opportunity," he said. "It gave us credibility... but we try to stay on course, stay true to our mission. If we help a designer succeed, it's a win-win. If we help launch a successful clothing line, it helps us - but mostly, we want them to succeed."

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