Friday, March 18, 2016

Local Spins Sneak Peek: Seven Steps Up celebrates fifth anniversary

Gary and Michelle Hanks: co-owners of Seven Steps Up
By Matt Marn
Published by Local Spins

When Gary and Michelle Hanks opened Seven Steps Up in Spring Lake, they originally had no intention of using the venue as a listening space for live music.

But after five years of presenting their Pin Drop Concerts series, the duo continues to be smitten with the music, and eager to keep it all going.

"We only have two concepts for our Pin Drop Concert Series: to provide an amazing experience for the artist, and to provide an amazing experience for our guests," said co-owner Gary Hanks.

If you do both of those things, Michelle added, amazing and magical things happen.

"There has never been a show where that doesn't happen," she said. "People leave in tears, they are so moved. We are addicted."

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Local Spins Sneak Peek: Loren Johnson Spotlight

Grand Haven singer/songwriter, Loren Johnson
By Matt Marn
Published by Local Spins

Hailing from a Coast Guard family, Loren Johnson was already accustomed to moving from city to city. When her family moved into their new home in Grand Haven, she had trouble at first being "the new kid" in a new school.

Everything had changed - again. Everything... except the guitar she brought along and her passion for songwriting.

Now, that songwriting is on display for all to see on her debut EP, "Sleepsick," officially released early this year. Johnson has been performing around the Grand Haven area with the support of her family and friends, as well as the community.

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