Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Adventures for Old Hours - YabYum Sneak Peek

By Matt Marn
Published by YabYum Music and Arts

Nathaniel Walberer and Anna Carlson want to not only tell a story, but also connect with everyone who listens to their music. And with the vast range of attitudes Old Hours display over the course of their album, Even in the Sun, every one of those listeners are sure to find something that will resonate.

Walberer (acoustic guitar, drums/percussion, vocals) and Carlson (vocals) say we are all on a constant emotional cycle, and odds are, at least one song on the album will truly hit home.

"Somber, sad, angry, hopeful... You may like all of our songs, but we hope you connect with them - grab something to like and feel connected to, wherever you are in life," Walberer said.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Moovalya stays true to high-energy roots with new EP - YabYum article sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of my latest article, reviewing Phoenix punk-rock group Moovalya. It is published by YabYum Music and Arts. Take a look, then head over to their page to read the whole thing!!

By Matt Marn

Phoenix punk rock group Moovalya is proud of its new EP, Sixer. With these songs, the performers are pushing themselves musically, and staying true to their high-energy live shows – not to mention their love for the music.

Ben Jones, guitar and vocals for Moovalya, said the group got great feedback from their last album, which also was a great showcase of the power and energy they show during their shows. He said they used that same energy they give to the crowd live to record Sixer.

“It’s what we love, what got us into it,” Jones said.

Jones said in their EP Sixer, the group wanted to push the boundaries of the music as far as they could with their instrumental talent.

“This is really pushing it for us,” he said. “We’ve accomplished so much – we’re happy with what we’ve done.”

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Hollow’s debut EP shows real emotion, great songwriting - Article sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of my new published article, reviewing acoustic guitar duo The Hollow and their new EP release, "Let Me Never Be Complete." Check out the entire article over at AmpKicker.com at the link below:

Published at AmpKicker.com

The debut EP from The Hollow, the Phoenix-based duo of Shane Hunt and Jon Watkins, could prove to possess a very appropriate title. The album, Let Me Never Be Complete, may well leave you wanting to hear more… and even setting the album on repeat for many spins to come.
The duo began their partnership as simply one guitarist joining another to help provide lyrics for an incomplete original song. The bond has since grown to a number of shows, a brand-new EP, and more fun than either of the two expected...

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